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Innovation in Renovations with Solid Surfaces
impact proof

Discover how our solid surfaces can transform any space, offering a perfect combination of durability, aesthetics and functionality. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and commercial areas, our solid surfaces are designed to resist heat, impacts and stains, ensuring a flawless, long-lasting finish. At Abalit, we specialize in providing innovative and personalized solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each project, always ensuring maximum quality and customer satisfaction.

Solid Surfaces

Durability and Flexibility in Design

Solid surface materials are based on mixtures of acrylic or polyester resins with alumina hydroxide. In this way, a high-performance material is obtained, ideal for renovation projects.

It can be defined as a hard material, warm in appearance and pleasant to the touch, perfect for renovations. It allows you to work it in multiple ways, in order to obtain any desired shape. Its main virtues are the following

Solid Surfaces

Resistant to stains and chemical agents

The solid surface is a poreless, homogeneous, aseptic and waterproof material that can be easily cleaned without losing its original appearance, thus maintaining its beauty. In addition, it is resistant to most chemical agents.

Joints imperceptible to touch and sight

The joints between plates are made with the same material, thus achieving a unitary appearance. No matter the size, it always looks like one piece.

Resistant to impacts and rough use

It is a solid material, resistant to impacts and any form of abuse, without flashing, cracking or staining. Even so, the small damages caused can be repaired.

Heat resistant and fire retardant

Cigarettes do not damage it, they only leave a brown stain that can be easily cleaned with a “Scotch-Brite ®” type pad and an abrasive cleaner.

Guaranteed quality

The material must be cleaned regularly, according to the use given to it. In this way, year after year, it will remain as the first day.

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