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Solid Surfaces

The possibility of developing and manufacturing any project involving solid surface materials allows us to offer the best solution in each case.

Custom Prototypes

The possibility of manufacturing your own models or prototypes with our materials. Combining your designs with our materials we will obtain an optimal result

Development and Manufacturing

The possibility of developing and manufacturing models based on the initial conceptualization that you provide us.

Solid Quality

Our technical team is available to develop projects with solid surface materials, guaranteeing maximum dedication, speed and professionalism.
modern interiors

with solid surfaces

At Abalit, we specialize in transforming interior spaces with the use of high-quality solid surfaces. Our solid surface renovation solutions are designed to offer durability, functionality and a superior aesthetic finish, adapting to the specific needs of each renovation project. With a focus on innovation and customization, our products integrate seamlessly into any interior design, bringing both beauty and practicality to every corner of your home or business.

Molded Elements

At Abalit Elementos Molded, we are dedicated to comprehensively satisfying all your needs related to solid surfaces. Our specialty lies in offering innovative, high-quality solutions for renovation projects that transform and improve any space.

Our offer, traditionally focused on construction and architecture, extends to applications in kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories, hospitals, restaurants and hospitality. Now, with a renewed emphasis on renovations, we use our solid surfaces to provide durable, aesthetically superior finishes that revitalize and beautify both homes and businesses.

We work with the best brands.

We work with the best brands.

Functional creativity

Creative Reforms
and functional

Reformas con solid surface
Reformas con superficies sólidas

At Abalit, we understand that each renovation project is unique. We strive to combine design and functionality to create spaces that are not only visually appealing, but also highly practical. Whether you are looking to renovate a kitchen, bathroom, or any other space, our solid surfaces offer a versatile and long-lasting solution.

Quality Exteriors

Exterior Renovations with Solid Surfaces

Innovation and Sustainability

We use sustainable materials to improve your outdoor spaces and contribute to an ecological future. Our solid surfaces are easy to clean, stain resistant and durable, with minimal maintenance.

Coatings and Facades

Our solid surfaces for facades and exterior walls not only enhance the aesthetics of your home or business, but also provide effective protection from the outside elements.
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