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Solid surface’s material is composed by a mixture of acrylic resins or polyester, with Hydrated Alumin. The result is a high quality material.

It is a strong material, elegant and warm and pleasant to the touch. It can be worked in many ways, in order to obtain every desired shape. Its main qualities are the following ones:


Resistant to stains and chemical agents

The solid surface is a material without pore, homogeneous, aseptic and waterproof that can be cleaned easily without losing its original aspect, preserving its beauty. In addition it is resistant to the majority of chemical agents.


Joints imperceptible to the touch and to the sight

The joints among the plates are made of the same material, in order to achieve the uniformity of the product. It does not matter which size a product is, it will always looks like a unique piece of material.


Resistant to impacts

It is a very solid material, resistant to blows and to every form of maltreatment.It does not splinter, crack or stain. However, little damages can be repaired very easily.


Resistant to the heat and retardant to fire

The cigarette ash does not damage it, as it only leaves a brown stain that can be easily  cleaned with a scourer like “Scotch-Brite ®” and an abrasive cleaner.


Guaranteed quality

The material has to be cleaned with regularity. In this way, year by year, it will always looks like new.