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The main activity of Abalit Elementos Moldeados is to fully  or partially satisfy every necessity related to the use of materials of solid surface.

Traditionally our company has mainly directed its attention to the fields of  general construction and to the architecture and its applications in kitchens, bathrooms, laboratories, hospitals, restorants and hotel business.


The opportunity of developing and producing every project in which is made use of materials of solid surface, offering you the best solution in every single case. The opportunity of manufacturing your own models or prototypes with our materials. Joining your design with our materials, the result can’t be but the best.


The opportunity of developing and manufacturing models from a concept of your own that you provide us. During the design and development of your project we offer you all the support of our technical team, who will guide you during the whole process. If you prefer it, our team can also develop independently your initial idea.


The opportunity of acquiring standard models manufactured with our materials. Thanks to our experiece and that of our partners we have been able to obtain models projected and developed in accordance with the trends of the market in the fields of design and performances.

Our technical team is at your disposal for the development of projects related with materials of solid surface, independently of the process of manufacture of those.


The maximum dedication, speed and professionalism in the development of any project.


Our commitment to quality and responsibility in front of every request.


Assistance in every stage of the project. If you do not wish to take part to those stages of the project which are not convenient for your business, we can easily contact for you companies that can provide these services. We have a wide web of relations with companies which work in differtent but complementary fields. A clear example is our narrow collaboration with Elmo (www.elmo.es), our usual partner in facilities.